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Thermocouple Connectors


Thermocouple Connectors are standard size round pin 2 pole TC connectors. They connect or extend TC wire and cable to thermocouple sensors, temperature instrumentation and process controllers.This popular series of TC connector is available in all thermocouple calibration code colors. The contact washer feature allows the installer to use a straight wire strip. This greatly cuts installation/termination time and eliminates the torque that is normally associated with wire that is looped around a termination screw. 

Female jack is Universal it will accept standard size round pin or mini size flat pin male TC connector plugs. 

·        Universal Female Works with Standard Round Pins or Miniature Flat Pins

·        Quick Connect Contact Washers

·        ANSI or IEC Color Coded

·        Hollow-Pin Construction

·        Accepts Stranded or Solid Wire up to Size 14 AWG

·        Glass-Filled Nylon and Liquid Crystal Polymer Connectors are Mutually Compatible -- as Well as with All Industry Standard Size Connectors

·        Rated to 180°C (356°F)

·        Captive Cover Screws.

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